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Simply follow this short video and use one of the tape measures provided:

Now measure the same finger on the other hand. This will provide a rough guide to the amount of swelling (if any) in the injured finger.

Now compare the two measurements and select the size that covers both of those best. The size is on the barcode sticker.

There are a couple of examples below.

Injured finger = 64mm                                     Injured Finger = 74mm

Non-injured finger = 59mm                            Non-injured Finger = 68mm

Select size: SM                                                  Select size: ML

SM covers from 57mm to 66mm

ML covers from 63mm to 72mm

They are designed to be worn with 1 to 3 turns of climbing tape around the finger. This makes a surprising difference to the fit. So, if you are not exactly within a measurement do not worry. Go with the closest fit. It is better to be too small than too big.

It is not possible to make one product that fits everybody. Fingers are very varied. If you are out of the ranges, or feel you would like a more individualized approach click here for bespoke splints.

Click here to learn how to fit and wear your splints.

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