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fitting a splint

Watch the video and make sure you understand it fully.

Each splint is individually checked but you may wish to sand the edges a little to reduce any rubbing. This is fine to do and does not affect the ring.

If you feel you need guidance with adaptation of activity, or rehab, you can use the coupons linked via the QR code on the tube to purchase a £10 ebook copy of The Self-rehabbed Climber. This has a full A2 rehab protocol in it, along with treatment for 7 other common climbing injuries and lots of info on how to not get injured again.

You are also eligible for £15 off a face to face, or remote, assessment with myself. This provides you with certainty regarding your diagnosis and 6 weeks of guided rehab, with the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like along the way. Again just scan the QR code on the tube.

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