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A2 flexor tendon pulley sprains are located at the bottom of the finger. Below the middle knuckle (PIP) and the main knuckle of the hand.

They are on the palm side of the hand, sometimes extending around the side of the finger.


This is shown in yellow on the picture and labelled A2.

Below is a simple table to help you decide the level of injury you have.

If you have discomfort or pain in this area, most noticeable after climbing, it is likely you have injured the A2 pulley.

If you feel pain in more than this one area (A3 or 4) then you can still buy the splints to use, but it is highly recommended you find a suitable medical practitioner to guide you as this is likely more than a mere sprain.

Even a mild pulley sprain will worsen if you do not take positive action and adapt your activities. If you are unsure how to do this book here.

Mild or moderate symptoms can be appropriately self-managed, if you are aware of how to adapt activity and the principles of rehabilitation. If you do not know then book in for an assessment with myself using your coupon via the QR code on the tube. This entitles you to £15 off an assessment, which is the cost of the splints.


Table adapted from Cooper, C., & LaStayo, P. (2020). A potential classification schema and management approach for individuals with A2 flexor pulley strain. Journal of Hand Therapy, 33(4), 598-601. and Miro, P. H., Sabb, D. M., & Schöffl, V. (2021). Finger flexor pulley injuries in rock climbers. Wilderness & Environmental Medicine, 32(2), 247-258.

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