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how the process works

I am bringing a new approach to delivering high quality, fully supported and individualised Physiotherapy.
Whilst I have treated international competitors, E10, 9a and 8B+ climbers the vast majority of my work is with people trying to fit their passion in around their lives, just like me.  
I am an evidence led practitioner who believes in encouraging self management and creating a plan to fit you, not expecting you to fit the plan.
I don't like to hear of people not seeking treatment, as they feel Physiotherapy is unaffordable for what it offers.
People often withdraw from treatment as soon as they become pain free, normally to save the cost of future appointments. This omits a crucial area of rehabilitation. The injury area will still be de-conditioned, requiring re-strengthening and making more robust to protect against future injury.
Process Physiotherapy charges a small amount more than the average for each appointment. But this is NOT more expensive as you will have fewer appointments.
This approach gives you:
Education - you will receive a detailed write up of your diagnosis, prognosis and exercise plan (with video links).
Support - regular contact between appointments is included. This supports alterations to protocols, education, changing exercises and progressions etc.  
This extra support is how i am able to keep the number of appointments down. It is in the day to day management that the rehab happens, not the fortnightly visit for a heat pack and a massage.
By quickly answering questions you will be confident you are doing the right thing. By tackling any flare ups we stop them from de-railing your rehab. By progressing exercises as soon as you are ready we speed up the recovery process.
Clarity - you will know from the first contact the expected timeframe, cost and outcome of your treatment.
Trust - that you are at the centre of clinical reasoning and decision making, not financial gain.
Commitment - I will be committed to enabling your recovery as efficiently as possible. You will feel more committed to seeing the therapy through to the end. A better result for all concerned. Discharge happens with mutual agreement.
Fortnightly visits to a clinic over a 12 week period would cost in the region of £190 with no support available between appointments. Treatment with myself would cost £130 (3 appointments) but with the benefit of regular communication between them. 
If an exercise update is required between appointments (beyond a small tweak) a £10 charge is applied as this does take me around half an hour to produce.
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