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Special interest in climbing related injuries and return to sport

Flexor pulley injury?

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Guiding you back to fitness, faster



At the end of April I translocated my ankle which caused two avulsion fractures, in same year I was going to Yosemite with hopes of big walls and competing in the OMM. Andy only fuelled my enthusiasm and optimism for recovery. He provided a structured recovery plan and asked for regular updates so he could track progress and develop my plan to ensure I was constantly progressing towards my goals. His knowledge and personal love of adventurous sports gave him an innate understanding of my need to retain a high level of strength and movement. Without his support, I doubt I would have achieved my goals. Thank you Andy




The process to achieving a successful rehabilitation is to focus on the small. 

With a consistent focus on manageable daily tasks even daunting goals become simply a series of steps.

Consistency comes from believing that what you are doing is the correct action for you to take.


Belief comes from the education you will receive explaining why it is the correct action.

what to expect

  • A slightly different structure than normal based on clinical reasoning, not business requirements. You probably won't need to come back in a week.

  • Further appointments will be guided by the needs of your condition and agreed with you whilst being respectful of time and money

  • Use of on-line communication for quick questions (free) or a more in depth remote analysis and adaptation of treatment plan (£10-20)

  • Exceptional level of care and support

  • Education about your problem and identification of aggravating factors

  • Formulation of an agreed plan and initial timescale for return to activity

  • Identification of potential hazards to recovery and how to manage them

  • Provision of a comprehensive, high-quality, well practised, home exercise plan which may include:


 Strength and conditioning

   Movement re-training

   Neuro-muscular coordination

   Video analysis

   Lifestyle advice

Behavioural modification




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