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Training plans


A training plan is a great way to get ready for a project, bust through a plateau or to just increase your enjoyment of what you're doing by continuing to improve.

This service provides the opportunity to combine the amazing climbing specific sports science we now have to you and your goals from a climbing coach and Physiotherapist you can speak with, rather than from a computer based algorithm.

This is not a periodised, time intensive, restrictive plan. It’s about identifying the biggest deficit you have in comparison to your goal and using 2 or 3 short sessions a week for 8-12 weeks to fix it. 

I have been coaching climbing for well over a decade, work as a climbing specialist Physiotherapist and am ideally placed to give some structure and guidance to your climbing.

Some tests will be done independently (with detailed instructions) as recovery is required between tests to ensure accurate scoring.


There will then be a face-to-face session for power testing, if required, a quick look at climbing style, injury history/prevention and the opportunity for discussion, advice and arriving at a mutually agreed plan.


You will then be provided with the most time efficient, fingerboard based, routine to match to your goals.

This service costs £80. To book please use the contact form below then we can arrange an appointment to allow enough time for you to perform the required testing. 

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