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About me

I have been exploring the outdoors for well over 25 years, completing various challenges such as the Fred Whitton, Le Marmotte, UTLD and most of the classic fell races in the Lakes. 

Climbing has always been my main passion and I have climbed extensively across Europe and further afield. 

Having worked both in the police, and as an outdoor instructor and climbing coach in the UK and Spain, I re-trained as a Physiotherapist.


I spent 4 years working for a Physiotherapy company in South Manchester/Cheshire and the last 3 years working based in North Lancashire and South Lakes.

I have been coaching climbing for over 15 yrs, completing the Neil Gresham Masterclass coaching training in 2008 and have continued to keep up to date with developments in the coaching world both through my own studies and through the accredited coaching qualifications now available.


I still coach individuals and a competition squad through Process Coaching.

The two worlds (Physio and coaching) overlap, a lot.  They are not just about knowledge, but supporting individuals to apply that knowledge in a way that is meaningful to them.
Physiotherapy can be very diagnostic and coaching can be very data driven. I bring both of these together by using sports science and strength and conditioning principles.
But the key to a successful rehab is in the day to day management of the rehab.
Rehabilitation coaching....... 

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