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I can only recommend the thoughtful and professional care that Andy has provided me, which has allowed me to continue fulfilling my hopes and goals of the year. At the end of April I translocated my ankle which caused two avulsion fractures, in same year I was going to Yosemite with hopes of big walls and competing in the OMM. Andy only fuelled my enthusiasm and optimism for recovery. He provided a structured recovery plan that targeted strength and my dynamic range of movement. Andy asked for regular updates so he could track progress and develop my plan to ensure I was constantly progressing towards my goals. His knowledge and personal love of adventurous sports gave him an innate understanding of my need to retain a high level of strength and movement. Without his support, I doubt I would have achieved my goals. Thank you Andy! 


Andy has taken me from 6b to 8b. Any niggles or injuries picked up on the way (not many thanks to his advice) have been quickly cleared up allowing me to push on. 


I came to Andy having plateaued in my performance and with a nagging finger injury. I quickly busted through to the next level, achieving a new PB whilst managing the finger. I have been given changes to my technique and training that are easy to implement and really effective at reducing the load my finger takes. My 8B+ project is feeling more likely!


After decades of climbing my shoulders and fingers were giving me such problems that i considered giving up. It was obvious Andy understood how important it was for me to carry on climbing. It's my life. I felt listened to and wasn't told to even stop for a while. Sensible changes were agreed on that didn't make much difference to how much i climbed, but how i climbed. With some preventative exercises, that are not hard to do and some changes to how i climb (which were more hard won, but worth it) i am enjoying climbing as much as ever.


I came home feeling really motivated to sort this out. It was a really useful session from my perspective and I learnt loads.


I'm doing the exercises everyday and my knee already feels a lot better, so if I fail on my projects in font, it won't be because of my knee